Be prepared to face these 4 uncomfortable truths if you really want to achieve your goals

Be prepared to face these 4 uncomfortable truths if you really want to achieve your goals

At least part of happiness and living a good life is achieving and accomplishing meaningful goals.

At least part of achieving goals is facing up to realities!

So to enjoy more happiness, feel better, and boost your life satisfaction read on…

via by Julian Hayes II

Accomplishing your goals requires skills and strategy. However, accomplishing your goals also requires that you enter into the arena with the proper mindset equipped to endure.

With that said, equipping a proper mindset is where many fall short which is why their goals become unfulfilled. As I’ve learned through personal experience and through communicating with others, falling short of goals isn’t due to a lack of desire or talent.

It’s due to not facing the uncomfortable truths of life.

No matter the endeavor, there is going to be discomfort and nothing can prevent that. With all of that said, here are four tough realities about life that you’ll need to embrace in order to have a chance of accomplishing your goals this year.

1. No one cares about your goals.

This sounds harsh and when someone first told me this, I took it personally. However, after nursing up my inflated ego, this notion became freeing to me because it made me realize that since no one cares about my goals, I shouldn’t let the opinion of others or the anticipation of what they might say prevent me from pursuing my goals.

With this said, people not caring about your goals isn’t personal. It solely means that they aren’t going to lose sleep over whether you hit your goals or even stick to them (they have their own issues consuming them).

Therefore, when you set your visions and intentions, create them from a place of selfishness where it’s something that you truly want to pursue.

Review your vision and ask yourself if your vision is truly yours and if there are some small fragments that are in there for approval seeking–ruthlessly cut them out…

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