Instead of answers, here are some questions…

Instead of answers, here are some questions…

Too often, those of us looking for happiness and success believe we need to find answers.

And that’s not an entirely incorrect strategy.

But sometimes, the success and happiness we’re looking for comes from asking the right questions. And here are 50 great ones to start asking now…

via by Marla Tabaka

With the dawn of every New Year, pledges are made by hopefuls everywhere to do or change something big in their life and business. Most of these commitments are shelved or forgotten altogether soon after we ring in that very same New Year.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
–Carl Jung

An annual attempt at implementing meaningful change isn’t the answer. It’s a commitment to continual, deep levels of introspection that brings successful, happy people to the top. If you want results, begin with what’s on the inside instead of pushing to control what’s on the outside.

The questions below will get you started. I promise you, the discoveries (if you dig deep and are honest with yourself) can lead you to meaningful change and the things you want most in life.

1.     What is my ideal definition of success?

2.     Is this definition well-rounded, to include all of the important aspects of my life?

3.     What are my top three values and how do they apply to my business?

4.     Do I factor in these values when I make business and personal decisions?

5.     Do I feel good about the way I treat the most important people in my life?

6.     Do I feel and express enough gratitude and appreciation for what I have?

7.     Is my stress level too high?

8.     What are three things I can do regularly to reduce stress? What stops me from doing them?

9.     What do I most often choose to ignore?

10.  What are three things I want to pay closer attention to in 2018?

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