A simple solution to remove conflict from you life

A simple solution to remove conflict from you life

Conflict is a normal part of life.

But conflict can also eat away at your life and … your happiness.

Some conflict can be eliminated, or reduced, and by doing so … happiness can be enhanced.

So if you’d like to have less conflict in your life then check out this great advice…

via Inc.com by Ari Zoldan

Conflicts. Arguments. Frustrations. Even for all the toughies out there, fighting with companions is never fun. Interpersonal struggles, no matter how minor, are destructive and can eventually come to erode relationships. It happens in marriage, in the workplace, and between friends.

But what if you could learn a secret insight that would change your entire outlook? What if you could discover the reason why conflict arises, and never have to face it again?

How Conflict Arises

When people live, work, or interact in shared domains, there are natural unsaid expectations. Bosses, for example, expect their employees to perform highly. Employees, on the other hand, would like their bosses to be appreciative and understanding of their workloads.

However, people often lose sight. In the employer-employee relationship, a common scenario is the following: bosses, seeing that their workers are not performing well according to their expectations, become overbearing and demanding. In response, the employees become bitter and resentful. In an unhappy environment, results are less than satisfactory, and both sides are at a loss.

But according to the Arbinger Institute‘s bestseller Leadership and Self-Deception, there is a psychological factor at play here…

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