Psychological defence mechanisms – the good and the bad

Psychological defence mechanisms – the good and the bad

Defence mechanisms can protect us against psychological harm.

Which is a good thing – and which can allow us to enjoy more happiness.

But some defence mechanisms can backfire; causing more harm than good.

Which is not such a good thing – and which can detract from our happiness.

Check out this great article outlining which strategies are more and less helpful…

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Everyone has coping skills. We call them defense mechanisms. You need them. Especially, if you work in a place that has a lot of stress. Now, research shows the maturity level of our defense mechanisms can have a huge impact on our success in life – and that includes our career.

Well-Developed Defense Mechanisms Make You More Likable
Recent findings from research studies done by the Vaillant lab show more convincingly than ever that having a well-oiled defense mechanism machine can help maintain your physical as well as mental health. The results from the participants showed being able to keep your emotions in check may set the stage for you to have more people who like to be around you. The support you receive from these people, in turn, can help you stay healthier, both mentally and physically, and even add years to your life. And, given a good portion of your life is spent at work, it can be deduced that being likable on the job would be of great benefit – both personally and professionally.

Mature, Intermediate, or Immature…How Evolved Are Your Defense Mechanisms?

The study looked at 12 defense mechanisms used by adults to deal with stressful situations and people and broke them down into three categories. Those that used the “mature” defense mechanisms the most frequently had the greatest well being and success. These good defense mechanisms include…

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