Do you hate meditation? No worries. Here are 5 proven relaxation strategies to try!

Do you hate meditation? No worries. Here are 5 proven relaxation strategies to try!

We all know that meditation has many powerful benefits; it’s associated with more happiness, better health, and even greater work performance.

But meditation doesn’t make everyone happier; because meditation isn’t liked by everyone.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy happiness and health and wellbeing and more – if you just try these different relaxation techniques…

via by Noma Nazish

Raise your hand if you are feeling overwhelmed by stress right now. Now, raise your hand if you want to make that stress go away without jumping on the meditation bandwagon. I mean, sure, practicing meditation is a great way to calm your mind. In fact, multiple studies have shown that meditation also helps improve sleep, promotes focus, sharpens memory and beefs up your immune system. However, despite a deluge of studies demonstrating the benefits of this age-old practice, meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are five alternative scientifically-proven methods you can try to calm your mind:

  • ColoringPicking up crayons is as beneficial for adults as it is for preschoolers. Studies suggest that coloring has numerous mental health benefits, from relieving stress and promoting concentration to reducing anxiety. Just like meditation, coloring helps you relax and tune out negative thoughts by focusing on the activity at hand. The repetitive motion of coloring relaxes the amygdala (the almond-shaped fear center of the brain) and engages parts of the cerebral cortex that stimulate creativity and logic…

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