7 ways to stay motivated, even when everything’s going wrong!

7 ways to stay motivated, even when everything’s going wrong!

Happiness is enjoying the good times.

But happiness is also getting through the tough times.

That requires motivation, even when things are going wrong.

So if you want to enjoy more happiness, during good times and bad, keep reading…

via Inc.com by John Rampton

Let’s not sugarcoat this. Life can be a royal pain in the ass. One day you’re on top of the world and the next you’re scrambling to find your next dollar.

At some point we all experience this roller coaster ride known as life.

I’ve had a couple setbacks in life. The first was when I suffered an accident while working construction. I was told I’d never walk again. The second was when I lost several million dollars (my life savings) in a six-week period and had to lay off my entire team of 70+ people.

That is in no way saying that I’ve had it worse than some others. I’m just saying that sometimes everything around us falls apart. And when that happens, the last thing on your mind is getting motivated enough to meet that challenge head-on.

I will say, though, that all is not lost. You can still find ways to motivate yourself even during these most trying of times.

1. Take a break

This may sound outrageous. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to just keep plugging away at finding a solution? Not necessarily.

The reality is that sometimes you need to back away from the world that’s crumbling around you so that you can refocus and get a clearer picture of what’s going on. Once you do, you can assess the situation and figure out the best course of action.

That’s exactly what I did when my business failure. My wife and I took a break by skipping out of town and going to Disneyland. While there we made the decision to pack-up, sell everything, and relocate to the Bay Area.

Without getting out of town, I wouldn’t have made one of the best decisions of my life; start fresh somewhere. It was therapeutic and gave me something to look forward to.

2. Get support.

Put your ego aside and don’t hesitate in asking for help. Whether if it’s borrowing some money, asking for advice, having someone to vent to, or just being around someone who’s upbeat. Having a strong and positive support system is one of the best ways to get your mojo back.

In fact, one studies have found that positivity is 100% contagious. So, make sure that your support system is optimistic and are capable of lifting your spirits.

At the same time, your support system needs to also include people who are honest – even if they can be harsh sometime. For example, my dad has been my harshest critic. But, his feedback was so honest and genuine that it’s kept me grounded, focused, and motivated…

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