Could living like a cat be the secret to happiness and success?!?!

Could living like a cat be the secret to happiness and success?!?!

via the Evening Standard by Susannah Butter

There’s a new role model in the capital. They have a good work/life balance (with an emphasis on the life part), they always look rested and bright-eyed, and they’ve even managed to negotiate a deal where they live in London but don’t pay rent. They’re universally popular, too. Everybody wants to be a cat.

A new book by French author Stéphane Garnier argues that the secret to happiness and success is living like your cat. Garnier undertook extensive research for his manual, immersing himself in the life of his own cat, Ziggy (they live on a houseboat in Lyon together). Here’s how to do it.


Cats don’t make their own tea, do their own printing or have to make their own PowerPoints for meetings. Instead, they carve out time for themselves, outsourcing the minutiae of life, like getting food and paying the bills, to humans. This makes the humans feel important — they are indispensable to someone else’s life. You can recreate this at work. Too often, managers fall into the trap of constantly checking the work of their employees. The result is wasted time,  loss of autonomy for employees and too much work for the boss. A cat would never do this…

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