32 proven ways to become happier

32 proven ways to become happier

There are so many proven ways to become happier.

And you’ve probably seen and heard of most, if not all of them.

But we all know that creating happiness is an ongoing, never ending project – so if you want a good summary of all the happiness boosting strategies out there, then keep reading…

via the Huffington Post by Andrew Merle

Want to design your life to make it happier?

Then start taking some tips from New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner, who has spent the last 15 years studying the people around the world who are living the healthiest and happiest lives, and discovering what the rest of us can learn from them.

Buettner just released his latest book, The Blue Zones of Happiness, which reveals the secrets of the world’s happiest places (from Costa Rica to Denmark to Singapore), and shows how to apply their lessons to our own lives.

I recently finished the book (covering research from 141 countries overall), took detailed notes, and came away with 32 proven and actionable ways to make your life happier.

Some of these tips are simple and easy to implement immediately, while others are more relevant when considering major life changes.

I highly recommend reading the full book, but if you are short on time hopefully this cheat sheet will help you add more joy to your life.

The following happiness practices are broken out into four life categories: Social, Work, Self, and Home (with some obvious crossover among the four).


1. Socialize for at least 6 hours per day

Research shows that people are happiest on days when they socialize for at least 6 hours. Unfortunately, Americans socialize for an average of only 41 minutes per day.

2. Live with a loving partner

3. Join a club that aligns with your interests and passions

Research has shown that joining a group that meets even once a month produces the same happiness boost as doubling your income.

This could be a book club, walking club, wine tasting club, faith-based club, sports club, or anything else that is meaningful for you. Prioritize clubs that have members similar to you in age, values, and interests in order to make new friends.

4. Choose a few active relationships with good friends over a lot of casual acquaintances

5. Set a weekly family dinner and invite your extended family

6. Develop daily social rituals

E.g. Impromptu happy hours, pot lucks, or backyard barbecues with friends…

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