Taking control of these 8 factors will bring you more happiness at work

Taking control of these 8 factors will bring you more happiness at work

via Inc.com by Wanda Thibodeaux

From Google’s nap pods to Nike’s basketball court, modern companies are going way (sometimes way, way) over the top to try to keep employees cheery. But when push comes to shove, controlling these eight factors might matter significantly more for your happinessthan a bunch of perks.

1. Lack of boundaries

This can involve the coworker who just can’t seem to stop finding their way to your desk to chat exactly when you’re busiest. But it also can translate to being pulled into different roles on a whim, work events repeatedly preventing you from enjoying home life or others sharing more personal information than you care to hear.

2. Excessively strict routine

Some consistency in a daily, weekly or monthly schedule can be soothing, as familiaritytypically helps people feel comfortable and secure. But if the routine is too stringent, you don’t have the flexibility to express yourself, check out new opportunities and grow. All you have is the hopeless feeling you’re stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day where nothing will ever get better.

3. Control

Maybe your team lead micromanages over your shoulder to check every word you type. Or maybe a coworker flips out on you because you dared to open the blinds all the way in the conference room (you know they can’t work in more than 1,000 lumens!). In any case, trying to control absolutely everything is often more about fear and wanting to feel safe than it is simply minimizing risks…

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