11 ways to become more confident

11 ways to become more confident

Imagine enjoying more happiness.

Imagine a happier and more successful life.

But you know that this happiness and success will require changes; and changing requires confidence. So confidence, therefore, is essential to happiness and self-improvement.

The good news is there are scientifically proven ways to boost your confidence; and here are 11 of them…

via Entrepreneur by Tomas Laurinavicius

Self-doubt kills more dreams than any failure ever will, and the only way to battle it is with rock-solid confidence.

Confidence is not a reflection of what you can or can’t do. It is merely a belief of what you can or can’t achieve. Like most things, it is always changing and resembles a swinging pendulum. However, there are some confirmed ways to help you remain in control.

I compiled a list of 11 proven hacks designed to build and maintain self-confidence…

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