Enjoy more “real” happiness by creating more meaning

Enjoy more “real” happiness by creating more meaning

As I’m sure most of you already know, happiness is not just feeling good.

Happiness is partly feeling good, but it’s also so much more…

…like doing good and connecting with others and being grateful, just to name a few of the more common happiness boosting strategies.

But when it comes to “real and meaningful” happiness, as important as anything is meaning and purpose. So today I’m happy to share with you not one, but two articles focusing on why you should and how you can enjoy more happiness, and a deeper happiness, by living a more meaningful life.

First up, the always interesting and useful Eric Barker writes in Time magazine about “How do we find meaning in life?

You can check it out HERE

And along similar lines, Pick The Brain published a super practical article titled “8 tips on how to live a meaningful life“…

…and you can read the full post HERE