5 basic building blocks of success and happiness

5 basic building blocks of success and happiness

Those of us wanting to create more happiness can learn a lot from those who’ve created more success.

Success and happiness, depending on how you define them, share a lot in common.

So to build a better and happier life, check out these 5 great tips…

via Inc.com by Betty Liu

A lot of people ask me how to achieve success. Not because I’m so successful but because I talk to a lot of people who are extremely successful.

While it’s true there are a thousand different ways to achieve success, there are really 5 basic things you need to produce winning results.

1. You need to be healthy. I don’t mean you need to run marathons or look like you can do Iron Man. But you do need to take care of yourself first. I’ve learned first-hand what not taking care of yourself means when you’re running at 100 miles per hour. That kind of behavior almost always backfires and sets you back. Plus, if you can’t take care of yourself, how exactly can you be trusted to do anything else? Always think to yourself: health first and then everything will follow.

2. You need to be comfortable in fear.┬áLots of successful people have fear. They just know how to not let it stop them from obtaining their goals. Fear is very uncomfortable. It can drive you to do stupid things; and it can also stop you from doing anything. Knowing you will be confronting fears on your way to glory helps you manage those emotions…

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