To stay happy you’ll need to combat negativity; and here are 7 ways to do so!

To stay happy you’ll need to combat negativity; and here are 7 ways to do so!

No one’s happy all the time. In fact, it’s not realistic or possible to expect to enjoy happiness all the time.

Whom ever you are, your happiness will undoubtedly take a fall every now and then and when it does these 7 tips for combating negativity and staying motivated will definitely help…

via by John Rampton

There will be times in your life where negativity seems to be all around you. When that happens, that negativity can suffocate your dreams, destroy your hope, and halt your motivation. If that negativity becomes more frequent, you may eventually throw in the towel and accept that negativity is just a part of your life.

But, don’t despair. There’s a silver lining. These are a few things that I have personally used in my life to combat negativity and remain motivated.

1. Set reasonable goals.

There are times when we only see the negative side of things. As a result, we push aside those larger and more challenging goals that can’t be attained easily. This could be anything from “I’m starting my own business,” to “I’m gonna lose 50 pounds this year.”

Instead, start with a more reasonable goal, like purchasing a web domain for your business or losing five pounds in a month. The satisfaction of reaching these smaller goals will keep you motivated so that you’ll reach the next one.

2. Control what you can.

While there will be certain things that are within your control, there also will be plenty of things that won’t be something you can control. Learn how to recognize the difference and stop worrying about circumstances that are out of your hands.

By not allowing yourself to become so emotionally entangled in what you can’t control you’ll maintain momentum — instead of becoming paralyzed. Always remember, only you can control your own actions and reactions…

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