7 things the happiest couples do

7 things the happiest couples do

via The Huffington Post by Leigh Campbell

J-Lo said it best when she sang, “My love don’t cost a thing”. While grand gestures and expensive gifts might be nice, they’re not realistic for most couples — not regularly, anyway. And besides, true happiness doesn’t come from material things.

“Happy couples do little things every day that helps keep the relationship on track,” relationship expert¬†Melissa Ferrari¬†told HuffPost Australia.

“Relationship rituals only require a few minutes of your time every day, but go a very long way in boosting your relationship.”

Warning: ahead is some cheese, but instead of cringing, try a few of these out (you don’t have to do them all in one day). Your relationship will be better for it.

Kiss passionately once a day

Pucker up!

“Kissing can be very powerful as it releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is responsible for the feelings of comfort, care and connection that is created in the process of bonding,” Ferrari said.

“Kissing also releases dopamine, which is the same chemical that plays a big role in addiction — so you can actually get positively addicted to this lovely routine by doing it often enough. In some research, it has been shown that kissing can reduce cortisol levels and therefore help you with the daily stresses of life.”

Do check-ins throughout the day

Thank god for the invention of text messages.

“Make sure your partner knows you are thinking about them when you’re apart. Did your partner wake up with a blocked nose, or have a meeting scheduled they were nervous about that day? Send a message to see if they are feeling better or ask how the meeting went,” Ferrari said.

“This shows your partner you are thinking about them even when you are not physically together, and makes them feel secure.”

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