Start each day with this one, powerful question

Start each day with this one, powerful question

by Dr Happy (aka Dr Tim Sharp)

You’ve probably heard before that starting your day in the right way can massively change your mood, your productivity and ultimately your life…
…and you’ve probably heard several different suggestions for what you should do and how you should do it.

That’s because different things will work for different people BUT that being said, I’m pretty confident that asking this simple question has the potential to massively change anyone’s life for the better, almost immediately.

What’s the question?

Quite simply, ask yourself the following (not just at the start of each day but ANY TIME you’re faced with an important decision)…

If I loved myself, what would I do?

That’s it. Simple to ask, although admittedly not always simple to answer.

But I invite you to start posing this question to yourself as often as you’re able and I look forward to hearing stories of your happiness and success!

So that’s today’s mailing. Take some time to reflect upon the message and how it might apply to you. Check out, also, the links below for some additional readings and resources.

I hope it helps you enjoy some more happiness. Until next time…

Keep well & keep smiling
Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)

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