5 habits you probably want to stop if you want to be happy and mentally strong!

5 habits you probably want to stop if you want to be happy and mentally strong!

Happiness and health largely come from what you do.

But happiness and health, not to mention grit and resilience, also come from what you don’t do!

So if you want more health, happiness and wellbeing, you might want to GIVE UP these 5 habits as soon as you can…

via Business Insider by Julian Hayes

When you’re on a journey for weight loss, a career change, to learn a new hobby, or to build your business, it’s essential to have your brain in the right place.

Without having your mind in the right area, you can easily lose focus, leading to a one-way street of overthinking, overanalyzing, critical judgment, and playing it safe, thus making your goals feel like mission impossible.

Mindset traps are the result of past environmental conditioning and beliefs that aren’t all your fault. However, it will be all your fault should you choose not to take any action on reversing those beliefs.

Here are 5 habits that can instantly make you mentally tougher.

1. Let go of focusing on things you don’t want

The problem with this is that you’re taking up space in your brain with things you don’t want in life. In addition, you’re creating hyper-awareness for all the things you don’t want, which leads to unnecessary stress and being afraid to make mistakes.

This unintentionally brings more of the things you don’t want into your life.

Stave off desserts for a month, and you’ll find yourself with opportunities for dessert around every corner, along with having dreams of chess pie.

Words matter, because that’s what you’re filling your mental tank up with.

Keep your attention on the things you want, and you’ll start to attract more of those things into your life…

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