26 great tips we can all learn from mental health experts

26 great tips we can all learn from mental health experts

You don’t have to have a formal psychological diagnosis to benefit from the expertise of a therapist.

And you don’t have to be suffering to want to feel better and enjoy more happiness.

In fact, just as most of us work towards better physical health, so too should we all work towards better mental health…happiness and thriving.

To help with this, this great article gleans 26 great tips from therapists; things we can all apply if we want to live a happier and healthier life…

via Buzzfeed

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most mind-blowing advice they had ever gotten from a therapist.

Here are some words of wisdom that really stuck. (And remember, these tips aren’t replacements for going to therapy for yourself — they’re just pieces of advice that some people found helpful, and you might too.)

1. You don’t have to be thankful that it’s not worse

“I had a habit of playing down my emotions to my therapist, knowing that a lot of my problems were lucky problems to have and that a lot of people have it worse than I do. My therapist always reminds me that other people’s suffering — whether it’s more or less than my own — doesn’t negate what I’m going through and how I deserve to feel better.”

2. You will make decisions that turn out to be wrong, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of them.

“If you make a decision and later it turns out not to be the best thing, it’s okay. You made the choice based on the current information and maybe what was best for past-you. Future-you might know differently, but it doesn’t invalidate that past decision or mean that it was bad.”

—Sarah E. Dunham, Facebook

3. Give as much thought to best-case scenarios as you do to worst-case scenarios.

“My imagination runs amok with possible threats leaving me a panicked mess. My therapist gave me the tip to think about best-case scenarios as much as worst-case ones, like me going to the store and coming back safely versus me going to the store and getting into an accident or someone trying to hurt me. It’s helped deal with negative thoughts a lot.”

4. Not all of your relationships will last forever, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“You don’t have ‘failed’ relationships. Your former relationships lasted as long as they needed to in order to teach you whatever they needed to teach you. Your job is to learn that lesson and move on.”

5. Let yourself feel your feelings instead of pushing them down.

“Be in the moment, identify what you are feeling, how it feels, try to picture it as a color or a shape in your mind. People tend to push away their emotions, stuff them deep down, and all that does is build up more and more inside you. Being able to sit in whatever emotions I was feeling — and identify the fact that, ‘Oh hey, I’m really angry and that’s okay’ — helped me actually deal with that emotion and get through it!”

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