Check out this great writing technique to uncover your ideal self

Check out this great writing technique to uncover your ideal self

If happiness is authenticity then this is a sure-fire path to happiness.

If happiness is knowing yourself and being yourself then this strategy will help you be happier.

Keep reading below for a relatively simple but awesome way to uncover your ideal self and your true happiness…

via by Nicola Prentis

Twelve years ago, I moved countries for the 10th time. I enrolled into a master’s program in my home country, the U.K., to pin myself down into some vague notion of long-term stability. As the end of the one-year program drew near, I was planning another move, another country, another field of brighter, greener grass to graze from. So much for long term. I wanted to stay somewhere, but I just couldn’t do it.

During the course of my master’s program—teaching English as a foreign language—I began to understand why I wasn’t achieving the stability I craved. We would look at the motivation of language learners and those who achieved success versus those who remained stuck. Through that, I came across work on “possible selves” by motivational psychologists Hazel Markus and Paula Nurius.

Over the next few years, I developed their framework into a powerful exercise that I use whenever I’m feeling stuck. When I first tried it, the exercise made me realize that fear of boredom defined the kinds of jobs I would accept, my decision to enroll in the master’s program and my haste to escape the moment I handed in the dissertation. I was addicted to moving countries because I was afraid of being bored. Realizing that helped me stay longer in places—three or four years rather than six to 10 months—as I learned to understand the constant flight urge. Years later, the exercise helped me work out why I had writer’s block, and I eventually finished the book I’d been writing for so long.

If you want to know what drives your actions and what holds you back from making decisions or pursuing goals, this exercise is for you. We often strive to create achievable targets, or avoid obvious pitfalls like procrastination. But if you truly understand why you want to achieve something, or what makes you spend two hours on Facebook instead of writing that novel or business plan, you’re far more likely to achieve success.

Warning: This one goes deep, so make sure you’re really ready to explore your subconscious…

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