Change your life (for the better) with these 3 daily habits

Change your life (for the better) with these 3 daily habits

Achieving happiness requires nothing more than practising a few simple habits, each and every day.

Happiness is the results of positive daily habits.

And here are 3 good ones that will change your life (for the better)…

via by Todd Henry 

It’s not the big things that take out most leaders and creative pros, it’s the little ones. Over time, they forget to do the small things that position them to bring their best effort to the table every day. While everything might look fine to those around them, the decay has already begun and they are on the path of slow decline.

As author Gretchen Rubin wrote, “What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” Without a set of daily practices to keep you aligned and energized, your talents will eventually fail you.

While there are many practices that you can implement to help you stay at the top of your game, there are a few “keystone practices” that can pull your creative world together and set you up to be prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

Daily Study

You can’t draw water from an empty well. Do you take time each day to fill yours? The quality of input that you curate often determines the quality of your creative output. As Steve Jobs once quipped, “creativity is just connecting things”, but to do so you obviously need things to connect.

I encourage you to set aside time each morning or evening to fill your well, to read inspiring or challenging books, to watch videos or listen to talks, or to otherwise fill your well so that you have something to draw from when engaging in your work…

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