If you ever feel lonely, here’s a simple way to connect

If you ever feel lonely, here’s a simple way to connect

It’s been said before and it will be said again but…happiness is not a solo sport!

Happiness, rather, is about relationships and belonging and connecting with others.

But so many of us feel lonely so often; even if we’re surrounded by people!

So if we want more happiness we need to find a solution. And the good news is, there is one…

via Fulfilment Daily by Emma Sepala

The Challenge: Loneliness is a widespread problem effecting many American lives

The Science: Individualistic ideology, not than modern technology, is behind much of our isolation

The Solution: Connecting genuinely with others weakens the barriers that keep us feeling lonely

About a month ago, a group of about 20 men—all fathers in their 30s and 40s—gathered at a home in Oakland, California to talk fatherhood. Alarmingly, when asked how many of them had “real friends”—the kind of confidantes with whom they could talk honestly and vulnerably about life on a regular basis, through good times and bad—only two people raised their hands.

It might be tempting to interpret this sense of isolation as a crisis of masculinity in the US. But the available research suggests that loneliness is a problem that supersedes gender. In a revealing sociological study, a large percentage of Americans report having shrinking networks and fewer relationships. The average American has only one close confidante, the same study showed. And the leading reason people seek out counseling is loneliness. Robert Putnam’s popular book Bowling Alone brought this epidemic into greater awareness for the general public…

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