Do you overreact? Here’s 3 simple tips not to!

Do you overreact? Here’s 3 simple tips not to!

Happiness…it’s hard if you overreact to every little thing that goes wrong.

Happiness…it’s hard if you’re constantly worrying and upset about things; especially minor things.

Happiness…it’s easier if you use these 3 surprisingly easy ways to trick your brain so you don’t overreact…

via by Jay Steinfeld

We’ve all had those highly emotional moments where a poorly executed project, unexpected budget overage, or other piece of bad news has gotten our heart rates skyrocketing and sent our objectivity out the door. Then, we did something we regretted.

These moments of frantic and emotional reaction do not usually lead to the best results or to the best development of your team. Over the years, I have cultivated a much different path on how to utilize my own feelings and responses to external events – perhaps these tips might help you too:

The 3 Steps

Your natural fight or flight response is what has kept our species alive. When a lion is running straight for you on the tundra, your brain switches gears to a more primitive mode where analysis can kill you. Just run.

In the wild, this is a good thing. But in the office, it renders your brain incapable of objectively processing the situation around you – which makes it very difficult for you to grasp the entirety of a complex business or personnel challenge. Here’s a better plan…

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