Good people doing good things

Good people doing good things

Sometimes it can seem as though the world is all bad.

Reading ┬ámost news’ sources suggests the world is in absolute turmoil with evil proliferating and disaster all round.

Well, there’s no doubt bad things do happen; and bad people do bad things.

But there’s also no doubt that there’s just as much good in the world and just as many if not more good people.

So to brighten up your day, and because happiness is about focusing more on what’s going right rather than what’s going wrong, I’m happy to share with you just a few of the wonderfully positive stories from the wonderful world in which we live

  • you don’t need to be a hero to do good; every little act of kindness and generosity helps. Click HERE to read about a young women who took just a few minutes to help a blind man get a taxi home after a sporting event
  • The Middle East has had it’s fair share of hate and hostility over the last few decades but this story shows how there are some who still believe that love can win out. Click HERE to read more
  • And finally, there’s so much waste in our world but not everyone sits back and lets waste go to waste. In fact some actively salvage what’s thrown away by others and then give, generously, to those in need. This man created a free library from books he’d found in the rubbish! Read more HERE

Each of these 3 stories came via the fantastic Good News Network website. Check it out for more happiness inducing positive stories … HERE