Being Happy, Positive, and Smart Are Great, but 1 Thing Matters Even More for Your Success

Being Happy, Positive, and Smart Are Great, but 1 Thing Matters Even More for Your Success

via by Marcel Schwantes

Remember how your mother used to tell you things growing up, like, “Don’t swim after a meal or you’ll get indigestion.” Whatever mom said, whether it was from her wisdom or an old wive’s tale, probably stuck with you to adulthood.

Then, somewhere around your early twenties, you challenged mom’s belief system. You went swimming, and no, you did not get indigestion. You were liberated!

As children, we were taught many limiting beliefs. We were told what we could and could not do; which races of people were acceptable and which we were to avoid for our “safety”; how much money we needed to make to be respected; and what kind of mate we needed to marry to live happily ever after.

But as working adults, some things haven’t changed. We subscribe to a belief system and worldview that tells us what we need to do to keep up with the Joneses, start a business, get a promotion, sell an idea, make more money, lead a team, and ultimately succeed in life.

And for so many of us, we try, try, and try again, but nothing works the way we planned. So we feel stuck, small, and powerless. We begin to think we’re not talented enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, etc.

Your Real Enemies

It may be time to stop railing against your parents, spouses, colleagues, bosses, company, or even country. Your real enemies are the self-defeating thoughts, false expectations, and beliefs that have you thinking you have to continue at the same pace, with the same people, in the same company, or direction in life.

One way to find out if the those limiting beliefs and thoughts holding you hostage are real is to test them. I say this because a healthy belief will stand in the face of challenge. By not testing your belief system, it will own you and become your ruler because you never questioned it.

So if you’re holding on to something that may be holding you back from your fullest potential, I’m going to ask you to consider doing something to shift your view…

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