Why You Should Schedule for Energy, Not Time

Why You Should Schedule for Energy, Not Time

If happiness is at least partly due to accomplishment and achievement then time management is an important strategy.

But as this fascinating article suggests, maybe we’d be happier and more successful if we scheduled for energy rather than time.

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via Inc.com by Sean Kim

Most of us schedule our tasks based on when we’re free.

When you forget to complete a task, you schedule it for first thing in the morning. When there’s free time in the afternoon, you use it to write a new article.

You’re probably thinking, this seems like I’m making the most use of my time. And you’d be right.

The problem is, you’re not making the best use of your energy.

What’s the difference?

Scheduling around your time means doing things solely based on when you’re free to do them.

Scheduling around your energy means doing a specific task that your body or mind is most optimized for during a specific part of the day…

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