Here’s how to find (or make) time for mindfulness…

Here’s how to find (or make) time for mindfulness…

We all know that mindfulness is good for us…for our happiness, stress management and for many other things.

But as with many positive strategies, those things that will help us be happier and more successful…applying them is easier said than done. And one of the more common obstacles is just finding time in our busy schedules!

This great article, however, provides some great advice about how to find a minute of mindfulness anywhere…

via FastCompany by Elisa Boxer

Everyone’s mind wanders.

Mindfulness is paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment. So if you’re aware that your mind is wandering, you’re halfway to a successful mindfulness practice.

The other half of mindfulness is gently returning your attention back to the here and now. But this doesn’t mean you have to yank your misbehaving mind back to reality. Instead, think of it as a compassionate return to consciousness. Picture a feather on the ground, lifted up by a gust of wind and then floating back down to rest on the pavement.

Wandering. Awareness. Return.


And here’s something cool: The easiest tool for achieving that gentle return to the present moment is always available to you. Focus on one single physical sensation.

It could be feeling your back against the chair, your hand holding the fork, your finger on the touch screen.

The key is to aim all of your awareness directly at one physical sensation of your choice…

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