3 great strategies for happiness that require absolutely NO money!

3 great strategies for happiness that require absolutely NO money!

via Fulfilment Daily by Catherine Daisy

The Problem: We seem to think that money can buy us happiness.

The Science: Satisfaction from hedonic spending and consumption is fleeting.

The Solution: Give more (of anything!) to others.

In this time and age, money seems to have an influence on every aspect of our life. Social media is full of ads for shopping hauls, shiny new cars, and exotic vacations. They’re accompanied with pictures of smiling faces and ecstatic individuals. But is it all true? I’d argue that this materialist approach to life has deprived us of true happiness. Research shows that earning more money does not guarantee more happiness. What really matters is how you spend it. Here are three tips that will allow you to stop relying on money to make you happy:

  1. Stop Buying Things: Buy into Your Experiences

The people in life who have the most–luxurious cars, opulent houses, and a six figure paycheck–are not always the happiest. They rely on hedonic sources of happiness: items that give you a momentary rush of positive energy that plummets quickly and leave you wanting the high again. Think about the things in life that keep you smiling all day long: family, friends, or your favorite hobby. Research shows that indulging in life’s experiences give us a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection than a new pair of shoes ever will. So what should you invest your energy into? Enjoying moments with the people you love…

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