5 mistakes that will kill your success & happiness; and how to avoid them

5 mistakes that will kill your success & happiness; and how to avoid them

We all make mistakes.

And mistakes are not necessarily disastrous for success or happiness.

But some mistakes are; some will kill your success and eat away at your happiness.

So here’s 5 mistakes┬áto look out for and how to avoid to avoid them…

via Inc.com by Minda Zetlin

What does it take to be truly successful? Genius grant recipient Angela Duckworth and others have pointed to grit–the ability to persevere in the face of obstacles and setbacks–as a key quality that helps some people reach huge achievements while others fall short.

But, it turns out, there’s good grit and bad grit, according to executive coach and positive psychology expert Caroline Miller, author of Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose, which is coming out next month.

Miller believes some people have “authentic grit,” which she defines as “the passionate pursuit of hard goals that awes and inspires others to become better people, flourish emotionally, take positive risks, and live their best lives.” People with authentic grit have humility and seek to learn what they don’t know in order to make the best decisions, she says. Others make decisions for the wrong reasons, or don’t really find ways to fulfill their goals.

Here are some of the most common mistakes Miller sees leaders make, and how to avoid making them yourself:

1. Not admitting when it’s time to make a change.

Miller calls this “stubborn grit” or “stupid grit.” She describes it as, “the stubborn pursuit of goals in spite of the fact that reality is demonstrating that the goal is no longer appropriate because the situation has changed.” People with stubborn grit believe they have a superhuman ability to make things happen against all odds, she explains. They do the hard work needed to succeed, but fail to recognize that what they’re working so hard at no longer makes sense.

On the other hand, the annals of successful business are filled with examples of people who persevered even when all the odds seemed to be against them. So how can you tell when it makes sense to keep working toward an impossible goal and when you should change direction? Miller recommends getting advice from some people you trust on these difficult decisions by creating a personal “board of directors.” “This board should consist of people, coaches, and/or mentors who are unafraid of sharing their unvarnished feelings with you, and whose advice you respect,” she says. “Regular check-ins with these people can help you avoid stupid or stubborn grit.”

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