Forgiveness & happiness: like two peas in a pod!

Forgiveness & happiness: like two peas in a pod!

via by Krista Gray

Why Learning How to Forgive Can Make You Happier

Life is a roller coaster of amazing highs and disappointing lows, like breakups and goodbyes. When it comes to these kinds of interpersonal conflicts, the best thing you can do is take the high road and make your true feelings known in a respectful way — then let go before you can move forward. We talked with life coach Divine Grace Buszka to understand how to make forgiveness possible, even when you’re still waiting for an apology or it feels like the hardest thing to do in the world.


You might think you can pack up your stuff, cut someone out of your life, and forget about them, but Buszka cautions us that it’s not so easy — and feelings you avoid at first might catch up with you later. “If we ever want to move forward, find peace, and create happiness all throughout our life, we’ll have to learn to forgive and learn to let go and make peace,” she shares. “Forgiveness is a beautiful concept, but it’s not always a cinch to do. In fact, it might just be one of the most challenging lessons we’ll ever have to face: to forgive others that have hurt us.”

She goes on to explain that forgiveness isn’t really about the other person at all; it’s really about you. “When we forgive others, we are not saying that what they did is okay, and we’re not telling them that they were right and we were wrong. Instead, we’re telling the universe that WE are meant for more than to continue hurting and carrying around the anger, the resentment, and all the pain that unforgiveness comes with.” Buszka tells us that forgiveness is actually the key to creating more space for attracting what you’re looking for, which puts you on the path to happiness…

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