How do you measure “success”? And could you do it differently?

How do you measure “success”? And could you do it differently?

What is “success”?

What is “happiness”?

To what extent to happiness and success overlap or interconnect?

Check out this great article from The Juice Daily by Susie Moore…

During my 10-year sales career, the most successful year I had financially was the year I felt the worst emotionally. I was constantly stressed out and under a lot of pressure – most of which I placed on myself. I was gaining weight. I was drinking more than usual. (“But it’s with clients!” I would justify, again, mostly to myself.) I felt tired, hungover or in a rush. Or all three at once (an unpleasant, highly unadvisable mix).

In the years since, I’ve come to appreciate myriad other ways to measure success outside of my bank balance. Now, when I feel that familiar stress creeping up, I assess how I’m feeling in a holistic way to keep myself in check. Here are some of the most important factors to take into account:

1. How relaxed and unhurried you feel 

When you are zipping around – dropping off dry cleaning, waiting at the salad bar, walking to your Pilates class, or even watching TV – how does your body feel? Are you face down, on your phone, no matter what? Are your shoulders tense? Are you rushing, or enjoying the walk/the breeze/the vegetable options/the episode of “Imposters”?

To be honest, I still feel like I’m in a bit of continuous sprint to get things done. But by being aware of it, when I find myself attached to my phone or on speed mode unnecessarily, I just think, It’s OK. There’s no emergency. You’d be surprised how much that small, jolt-like reminder and a few deep inhales and exhales helps.

2. How much you prioritise pleasure 

Having lived in New York for seven years, whenever I leave the city, I am struck by how much credence is given to simple pleasures. Sitting in the sun. Talking to friends for hours in cafe. Playing the guitar just because it’s fun. Walking to your destination … slowly.

Pleasure takes many forms. For you, it might be lounging in bed till 1 p.m. every Sunday, having frequent sex with your S.O, or taking two non-negotiable international vacations per year. How much of a priority do you make it?

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