Adopt these 4 habits from Buddhist monks and reap the rewards for ever

Adopt these 4 habits from Buddhist monks and reap the rewards for ever

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Ever wondered how Buddhist Monks live and what habits they adopt to make them so peaceful?

I’ve been always been fascinated by this question so I did some research and this is what I found. Don’t worry, none of these habits are out of the ordinary. We all can adopt them too!

Habit 1 – Outer decluttering

Did you know that the Buddha was born a prince? Yep, he could of spent his life in a big, beautiful palace where everything is done for him.

But he didn’t.

He abandoned everything when he realized the frustrating nature of materialism.

2300 years later, Buddhist monks do the same. They keep material possessions to a minimum and only hold what actually need to live their life. Usually this will all fit in a small backpack.

They completely declutter their life.

Habit 2 – Inner decluttering: taking care of others

In many Buddhist circles, monks learn to do things not for themselves, but for the whole world.

When they meditate, it’s for the sake of everyone. They attempt to attain enlightenment to reach their full potential and help those in need.

When you can develop this kind of selfless attitude, you focus less on your personal problems. You get less emotional about small things and your mind becomes more calm.

This is what’s called inner decluttering: making room for others and dumping selfish habits…

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