There are opportunities in depression; as there’s light within dark

There are opportunities in depression; as there’s light within dark

For quite some time now, Positive Psychologists have emphasised that thriving and flourishing is not just about positive emotions like happiness; these are enjoyable and important but so too can the so-called “negative emotions” play an important role in our lives.

So as much as we can and should strive to create as much positivity and happiness in our lives, this article shows why and how we can also find good within bad, opportunities within depression…

via Psych Central by Rick Nauert

An insightful new study suggest depression may at times be a blessing in disguise, as it may help us let go of unattainable goals.

For many life is often stressful as we reach for lofty goals. Perseverance is praised and we are told that only with the right motivation will we be able to achieve the aims we have set ourselves.

Failure is not acceptable and quitters are viewed as being weak and substandard.

German researchers explain the fallacy in this approach. That while determination is often necessary for many areas of life, an over-ambitious life plan can also prove to be a trap.

In fact, many find themselves in the ruse when goals pursued are unattainable, says Prof. Klaus Rothermund of Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany).

“Some people develop depression as a result of such futile efforts,” says Rothermund. The fact that the goal remains unattainably distant, however hard a person tries, makes them experience helplessness and suffer from a loss of control.

However, this must not inevitably be a psychological dead-end. Depression can actually create opportunities for sufferers, as the researcher have now demonstrated in a study…

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