Tips for building more confidence from within

Tips for building more confidence from within

via Pick The Brain by Rob Leonardo

So you want to feel confidence that’s running through every vein? The type of confidence that brings out the absolute best in you? That inner voice that makes heads turn, the looks that make people shut up, or the suggestion that makes people nod. You want the kind of confidence that when you walk into a room and own it.

There is no such thing as confidence potion or self-esteem vitamin, however.

The good news is that self-confidence can be drawn from within. Actually, that’s what should happen – if the confidence is real. It is not something that you necessarily have to get or buy from someone. You can draw it from your own stock inside you.

Let me share with you how you can use these reserves that are inside of you and see what we can do to poke them out to get that oozing confidence!

1. Recall those small successes that bring out positive emotions

Do you remember that day when you helped your boss recover an unsaved file; when you lost your way but eventually found your destination by keeping your focus; or when you placed in the top 5 in your exams unexpectedly? These were the wow-moments when you felt great and confident about yourself. Those were the days when you were willing to take the lead, no matter how it may sound insignificant or trivial, to make an impact in your life or of another.

Being confident is not a one-time package that you can get in one box and have it forever. You have to work for it. You have to discover bits and pieces of it in the things you do, the events in your life or even in your daily routine.

Hence, make it a daily exercise to draw those positive energies from within by spending quiet moments of reflection remembering those moments when you had those little or even big successes. Use them to face your challenges. It will surely make wonders!

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