19 signs you might be doing much better in life than you realise!

19 signs you might be doing much better in life than you realise!

via ThoughtCatalog by Kirsten Corley 

1. You’ve established a small group of friends:

You’ve finally realized who will always be there and learning that lesson came with losing a few friends but the people you associate with are those who enhance your life.

2. You’re learning to let go of the right things in your life:

Whether it’s negative people or poor habits or a job you hate, you’re making strides to do something that will put you towards your next goal.

3. You’ve stopped chasing people:

Whether it’s relationships or friends, you know with confidence the right people who want to be in your life will be.

4. You’re reading books that challenge you:

Learning doesn’t stop at a degree. While a lot of people don’t even remember the last book they read, you’re choosing books that will help you personally and in your career, because you want to know more.

5. You understand what’s going on in the world and in politics:

You make a point to keep yourself well informed. You don’t simply scroll through a news feed and believe every headline. You read things that challenge your own beliefs and help you further back up your views. At any point, if someone asks you about world conflicts or politics, it’s a conversation you can actually hold while adding value to it…

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