Let go…for a happier 2017!

Let go…for a happier 2017!

It’s important to hold on to what’s important and it’s worth fighting for certain things but…sometimes the best we can do is let go.

Giving up can give more happiness.

So what should you give up for more happiness? Check out this list of 17 things and consider getting rid of those that are relevant to you…

via Thought analog by Locke Hughes

From regrets to excuses to sugar, here’s what I’m not going to let hold me back in the new year.

On a global scale, this past year was deeply disturbing. (Someone even made a horror film trailer about 2016 — and it’s terrifyingly real.) But on an individual level, everyone had vastly different experiences over the last 12 months. For some, 2016 may have been a good year — even a great one. For others, it was a year of personal nightmares I can’t even imagine.

For me, the past 12 months weren’t the worst, but they weren’t the best. I quit a job I loved; moved out of a city I called home for over 6 years, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done; and had some health issues.

But one nice thing about this time of year —even it’s an arbitrary construct — is our ability to figuratively hit reset. So, in the spirit of moving forward, here are a few things I plan to leave behind in the dust of 2016 for a better, brighter 2017.

1. Regretting My “Mistakes

Sure, I wish I did some things differently — making a career move, staying in a relationship too long, “wasting” time. But as a wise friend once told me, there are no such thing as regrets. You learn from every single experience, even it takes some time to realize it. So I’m over having regrets — and ready to consider them life lessons instead.

2. Blaming Others

Whether it’s your parent, your boss, or a friend, it’s so easy to point to another person as the cause of whatever sh*tty situation you’re in. But, as many a self-help guru will tell you, you are 100% responsible for your life. That’s the only way you can move forward, not back. Understanding this was a huge relief for me, and I plan on accepting responsibility for all of my actions and outcomes — both good and bad — in 2017.

3. Stifling My Creativity

From painting to photography to creative writing, I’ve dabbled in each over the years, but nothing ever really stuck. I want this to be the year I unleash my creativity and stop letting other “priorities” take up my free time. I’ve already signed up for a photography course (plus I’m writing this) so I think I’m off to a good start…

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