How to stay motivated every day and achieve what you want to in 2017

How to stay motivated every day and achieve what you want to in 2017

via by Elle Kaplan

7 Science Backed Habits to Keep You Motivated Every Single Day

Coffee might be your saving grace to get through the workday, but caffeine on its own won’t cut it in the long-run.

To stay passionate and excited about work, you’re going to need to harness your inner motivation. It’s stronger than a shot of espresso, and it can keep you going on even the most sleep-deprived and toughest of days.

Thankfully, science offers some solutions for tapping into your inner reserve of self-motivation daily.

Make a difference.

If you started your business or career hoping to make a difference in the world, give yourself a high five, and then habitually reflect on that vision to keep your self-motivation going.

In one study, the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) found that when call-center workers were trying to raise fundraising, they increased donations by 171 percent after speaking to students who benefited from the fundraising for a just a few minutes.

If you aren’t aware of the difference your work is making, consider doing something similar. Talk to customers who benefit from your product, or seek out feedback from your manager. If you current efforts aren’t making a dent in the world, it’s never too late to switch careers or start a business.

Treat yourself.

Unsurprisingly, science says that 75 percent of what we do is motivated by rewards. What is surprising is how little most people actually reward themselves on a daily or weekly basis. Although we’re all motivated by that big-ticket goal, like having a successful business or getting a promotion, those are far and between.

To keep your flame flickering during the weekly grind, consider treating yourself to a promotion. As long as you spend within reason, consider habitually tying a reward–like a bottle of wine or nice dinner–to a tough weekly project…

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