We all need motivation some times; and here are 11 great tips!

We all need motivation some times; and here are 11 great tips!

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11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now

Ah, feeling motivated. It seems to come and it go. It ebbs and flows.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that motivation is not something that burns in the lucky few of us. Motivation is better viewed as an attitude.

Those people that seem more motivated, more consistently, are not special. They have simply chosen better habits to allow real motivation to rise up, even when they aren’t initially feeling it.

Motivation starts and ends with a decision, not a feeling.

The following are eleven such decisions that when acted on with consistency, will contribute to a motivated life, but also provide a boost, this very instant…

1. Have Fun

Decide to have fun right now, with whatever you are doing.

Make a game out of it, even if you aren’t in the mood to start with.

What could be enjoyable about what you need to do next?

What’s funny about the place you’re in?

What makes you smile about what you hate to do?

The only reason things are serious is because you choose to make them so.

Choose to be a rebel, and have fun.


2. Act Your Character

How you act today, is who you become.

If you want to be a world class [insert dream job here], what do people like this do every day? How do they act?

You can live the life you want right now, by acting like the person who has that vision. There is no later. Today is the future.

Don’t try, just BE the person you want to be this very moment.

3. Sit With Yourself

Do nothing, sit, breathe and watch yourself as an observer for a while.

Let yourself do nothing for at least five minutes. It’s ok because I told you so.

Let your shoulders drop. Watch your thoughts go by and let them dissolve into thin air.

Watch the feelings you feel. See how in doing this, you aren’t your emotions or your thoughts. You are an observer who can see the gap between your true self, and your emotional, ‘wrapped in thought’ self.

See how emotions are just hints to guide your true, deeper self.

An observer is calm, clear, aware and in control…

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