Make these 4 pledges for a better, happier life

Make these 4 pledges for a better, happier life

Happiness. Success. Health. Wellbeing.

Any and all of these goals require commitment. And commitment requires dedication to certain priorities.

So if you want more happiness and success you need to commit; and here are 4 commitments that will definitely improve your life…

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Life is all about change. As they say “we cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are”. It takes great courage and perseverance to change your life. If you want take your life from being just good to better and best, you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone and do things, which you never even thought of doing.

That’s how I have transformed my life as a manager, as a leader and as a person. To bring that change, all it took for me was to write down four pledges that I stuck to religiously, and a lot of patience.

I am going to share those pledges I took that inspired me. Hope they will inspire you as well –

To start my day the night before

A couple of years back, if someone asked me when does my day usually start my answer would have been just like every other person — in the morning, when I wake up. But, things changed when I read an article about the power of our subconscious mind.

I got to know that human mind is the most powerful weapon. If we feed it information the night before sleeping, our subconscious mind will continue to work on it while we are sleep. Perhaps this is the reason that most of the successful people I know, or have even heard of, start their day the night before.

That’s when I took a pledge to always end my day after planning my schedule for the next. And, it has been one of the smartest moves I’ve made for my career. No longer do I have to come to office like a lost soul who does not know what’s in store for the day. I can prioritize my work, my life and my day, and make the most of my working hours…

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