For success & happiness, consider the positives and the negatives

For success & happiness, consider the positives and the negatives

As we all know, happiness is not something anyone can experience ALL the time.

Happiness is great; and desirable.

But to really live our best possible lives we need to accept unhappiness and other negative emotions and experiences.

In a strange kind of way, acknowledging negatives allows us to enjoy more positives. Thinking about unhappiness in the “right” way, can contribute to more happiness!

This philosophy is summed up very well in a great Science of Us article written by Jesse Singal. Keep reading below for more…

“Just try to visualize success.” For many people, a sentence like that elicits an uncontrollable wince. There’s just something so lame about the idea of imagining what you want to have, and thinking that this will lead to your attaining it — things can’t possibly be that simple.

Well, things aren’t that simple, of course. But there actually is some research to suggest that visualization exercises, a term I’m using loosely to describe anything involving visualizing or imagining a particular scenario or outcome, can be helpful in various contexts. Such exercises may have a woo-woo reputation, partly because of how terrible the Oprah-approved The Secret is, but that reputation isn’t entirely warranted — especially when you realize both positive and negative visualization exercises seem to hold some power…

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