Could happiness be…expecting LESS from other people?

Could happiness be…expecting LESS from other people?

This Is The Freedom You Will Find When You Stop Expecting So Much From People

(and this type of “freedom” sounds very much like happiness!)

via Thought Cataolog by Dian Tinio

There is an immense amount of freedom when we start to accept the fact that we are all human beings. Imperfect, flawed and short of everything. We are not sovereign or ultimate, not the greatest or the strongest. We fall and we fail. We are human.

And the greatest thing we can do for each other is to love each one wholly. That means with acceptance and liberated from all our personal expectations. That means looking at people knowing they cannot offer us the world and still be capable of embracing them. That means being aware of all their bad parts and still understand that it’s what fulfills them. That means seeing all the things we dislike about them and still have the strength to shower them with compassion. That means discarding all the things we want them to be, deleting all our personal expectations and just let them in, dirt and all, wholeheartedly.

That means not changing them. Not crafting them into something we want them to be. Not molding them to become who we expect them to be.

Because at the end of the day, what really hinders our connection with people is the fact that we always expect so much from them. We expect them to be on their A-Game, we expect them to give us all our requests, all our needs, we expect them to be the best “this” and “that.” We expect them to be someone they’re not…

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