Enjoy the happiness that comes from accomplishing more

Enjoy the happiness that comes from accomplishing more

Happiness is many things.

But happiness is at least partially, accomplishment and achievement.

It goes without saying, therefore, that happiness comes from doing more good stuff!

And this great article, via Science of Us by Melissa Dahl, will help you enjoy these outcomes by using your pride to motivate yourself…

A story at the start of Take Pride, a forthcoming book by University of British Columbia psychologist Jessica Tracy, is a typical one of youthful aimlessness, at least at first. Tracy writes about her post-college life in the late 1990s, when she moved across the country to San Francisco and got a job as a barista in a cozy cafe. It was a pleasant life, filled with lots of people to talk to and lots of time to read, along with few anxieties or responsibilities. But after about a year, she started missing something she’d had in college, an emotion that she used to experience often as a student, especially when working on the magazine she started with friends, but that she rarely felt as a barista.

“I was missing the feeling of pride I experienced from creating that magazine — the feeling of building something that seemed important,” Tracy writes. “I’m not talking about the feeling I had when I saw our first completed issue of the magazine dispersed all over campus. I wasn’t missing the feeling of pride in a job well done or of basking in others’ (remarkably restrained) appreciation of the magazine. What I was missing was that late-night, hard-working knowing-we-were-doing-something-we-cared-about pride.” She applied to grad school, and (fast-forward to 2016) is now the director of the Emotion & Self Lab at UBC. Much of her research has focused on understanding the point of pride as an emotion, and her work has found that it has a purpose that many of us overlook: The feeling — or, more specifically, the absence of the feeling — is an important key to motivation. (The book, which is out next week, has a subtitle that spells this out rather directly: Why the Deadliest Sin Holds the Secret to Human Success.)

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