Create “weekend happiness” every day!

Create “weekend happiness” every day!

via BusinessInsider by Mikael Cho

Research finds that people are happiest on Saturdays — here’s how to recreate ‘weekend happiness’ every day

We’re happiest on Saturdays at 7:26 p.m.

At least that’s what this survey found. Yet while the exact time of 7:26 p.m. seems strange, there have been multiple studies to back up that people are generally happier on weekends.

A team of researchers from Rochester University found that regardless of how much money you make, how many hours you work, or even what you do for a living, people are happiest on Saturdays and Sundays.

Even unemployed people feel happier on weekends, according to a Stanford study.

It seems that “Weekend Happiness” is something we all tend to feel regardless of what’s happening in our lives.

Even though I love my work and have the freedom to set my own schedule, I know I feel less stressed on the weekends also. All this made me ask:

Why does a Saturday feel different than a Wednesday?

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