8 Awesome Life Lessons from a CEO

8 Awesome Life Lessons from a CEO

via Business Insider by Elle Kaplan

We often focus only on learning skills that are directly pertinent to our job during the busy workweek.

Wealthy and successful people, on the other hand, know that there are some other skills outside of their job description that can also immensely improve their wealth and their life.

They may not seem earth shattering at first glance, but you’ll be surprised at just how much they can affect your day.

Start off by implementing one or two of these skills into your daily routine, and you’ll start to notice a massive difference in your success:

1. Scheduling around your energy

With social media screaming at us from our phones, tablets, and laptops all day, it’s difficult to filter out the noise and actually achieve what we’ve set out to do. In fact, CNBC columnist Mark Fahey estimates that since Facebook launched 12 years ago, it has cost the U.S. economy as much as $3.5 trillion in productivity.

Rather than trying to avoid distractions completely, science suggests we should schedule around our energy instead. For instance, Dr. Travis Bradberry suggests doing around 50 minutes of work followed by around 15 minutes of rest. Even if you don’t want to follow his schedule, being aware of and prioritizing around your times of maximum productivity (and avoiding the infamous afternoon slump) is a vital skill to learn.

2. Looking successful

Yes, I’m aware that you’re looking for success in business, not at a fashion show. But numerous studies show that how you dress affects everything from your ability to be creative to how people perceive you in the office. So even if everyone else is dressed like a slob, you should turn dressing for success into a daily routine.

Beyond what you wear, simply looking like you know what you’re doing is a skill that’s well worth the effort. Famous Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy found that everything from how much you slouch to how you pose affects your self-confidence, and how the world perceives you. As she brilliantly put it, “don’t fake it till you make it, fake it till you become.”

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