For more success and happiness…be yourself!

For more success and happiness…be yourself!

Happiness. Success. Fulfillment. Wellbeing. Positive relatiotionships. 

There's a good argument for saying you'll enjoy more of them if you're more yourself. 

Genuine happiness comes from being genuine. Meaningful success comes from meaningfully being you. 

If that sounds of interest (and who wouldn't want more happiness and success) then keep reading below for a great Huffington Post article…

by Fani Stipkovic

Every now and again we all identity crisis when we start questioning ourselves, our confidence & decisions, thinking we’re not enough, letting the doubt creep in and comparing ourselves to others. It is after all only human to experience difficulties when becoming the person we are meant to be, and removing all the ‘masks’ we cover ourselves with. Recently when I was listening to an interview of Kerry Washington from the popular TV show ‘Scandal’ who’s character portrays a confident woman, Washington said she doubts many times her confidence, thinking she needs to be ‘fixed.’ After hearing that, thinking about it and processing it, I’ve recognized in myself my own personal battles.

We’re all at some point in time affected by mainstream media instructing us of the things we “must” change in order to get what we want. Social media can also be very dangerous as it can cause people to distance themselves from their true self and their own truth because of the perception of social media tells you, you should live…

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