What if you could start afresh; at any time?

What if you could start afresh; at any time?

via Inc.com by Angelina Zimmerman 

Many of us understand exactly what it feels like to start again, whether it was your own choice or due to various factors forcing you to create massive changes in your life.

As we know, we receive messages from the universe, and if those messages are not heard, you get king hit, or knocked to the ground, to learn the lesson.

That could involve serious issues with our health, lousy relationships with family and/or friends, a failing business, challenges building wealth, or not living authentically.

It can be one area or every area of life. So what does one do when starting again?

You change your behavior to get back in the game super fast. Here's how:

1. Reevaluate Your Life

Enlightening yet simple.

Draw a circle and divide it into areas of your life:

1. Health

2. Wealth

3. Relationships

4. Education

5. Spirituality

6. Career

Give each area a score out of 10. Ten means excellent–1 means needs serious improvement. Add up the scores to get a total out of 60.

From there, you can assess which areas should be the priority for you to work on. If every area of your life has a low score, obviously you have work to do, so prioritize your life areas…

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