Stop waiting for happiness. 3 ways to be happier now!

Stop waiting for happiness. 3 ways to be happier now!

via the Huffington Post by Hanna Fitz

Thinking back to a few years ago, when I believed that my happiness would come on the following terms:

  • When I met the man of my dreams,

  • When I had more money and the business I always dreamed,

I realized I was literally waiting to live. It always felt like I was in a constant state of waiting and that was frustrating. I wanted to travel more but I was waiting to do it with the man of my dreams. I was even afraid achieving my highest success in business because I thought if I did I would intimidate the man who would share my life.

All of these were limiting beliefs that kept me in the same place for several years. One day while cleaning out my closet, I found a folder with an old newspaper interview I did after graduating top of my class from university. I told the reporter my future goal was to start my own business, seeing that article made me emotional and opened a floodgate of desire to take action now. In that moment I finally decided to stand in my power, resigned my full time job to start the business I always dreamt of. I also eventually moved to Europe.

While living in Milan, Italy, I discovered that I was not seeking happiness, happiness was seeking me. It has always been in and with me. I made an important shift that I shouldn’t be trying to find happiness, I should be living happily now. In that place of accepting that my happiness was not dependent on anything outside of myself (a job, a man or anything else), I began to allow more and to find joy in my own presence.

I travelled more alone and embraced the experience of learning different cultures by myself. My life dramatically changed as I changed my limiting beliefs about what would bring me happiness and I started to live in the now. Basking in my own joy, I now have the most amazing man in my life and began experiencing more success in my business and fulfillment through my work as a brand strategist. I am also a life and business coach for female entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and life styled for freedom at

I made meditation part of my routine and as a believer in the power of affirmations I wrote my first book, I AM THE GATEKEEPER 101 daily keys to unlock your happiness, overcome adversity and fulfil your purpose to help others have the daily doses of encouragement needed to live fully in your personal power and truth.

Here are three keys that helped me unlock happiness in my life and I hope it will help bring you inner peace and joy…

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