Is happiness a byproduct of right action?

Is happiness a byproduct of right action?

Should we seek happiness directly? 

Or do the right things and enjoy happiness as a byproduce or side-effect? 

The research is still coming in but…personally, I think it's a bit of both! 

Either way, the following article provides some great lessons from those who've enjoyed great sucess and happiness and fulfilment in their lives; which you can too…

via by Matthew Jones

We live in world of commodities. Dominant cultural narratives send us messages that we are not enough and that true happiness comes from external objects.

The problem with this message is that, no matter how much wealth we acquire, there is always something better. Even after you buy that new car or those new shoes, soon after your acquisition, the objects lose their appeal. The truth is, happiness doesn't come from the exterior.

Fulfillment comes from witnessing your own growth. When you're able to hit the pause button and reflect on the substantial changes in your life, you feel a sense of meaning and purpose. Practicing gratitude for these changes propels you with the motivation to continue striving for success, and makes all of your sacrifices worthwhile.

Here are five ways to acquire success and discover fulfillment:

1. Challenge yourself to grow.

Happiness is a byproduct of action. Take steps towards fulfillment by engaging in the never-ending process of self-improvement.

Remain open to new thoughts and ideas, stay hungry for knowledge, and practice what you preach. You can always become a better professional and a better person…

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