Here are 5 misunderstandings you might have about happiness and mental strength

Here are 5 misunderstandings you might have about happiness and mental strength

via the Huffington Post by Amy Morin 

Decades of research have gone into studying how people can grow stronger by changing the ways they think, feel, and behave. But there are a lot of articles on mental strength and mental toughness that just aren’t accurate, so I wanted to take the opportunity to clear up some of the biggest misconceptions about mental strength.

Here are five truths about mental strength:

1. Mentally strong people are OK saying they can’t do something.

Mental strength doesn’t come with super powers. There are plenty of things mentally strong people can’t do—and they’re not afraid to admit it. But, sadly, I see a lot of articles that claim, “Mentally strong people never say, ‘I can’t.’”

In reality, mentally strong people are happy to acknowledge their weaknesses. When it makes sense to work on them, they do. When a weakness is something they aren’t particularly motivated to change, they don’t worry about it.

2. Developing mental strength doesn’t mean you can’t give up.

Lots of articles claim mentally strong people never give up. But just like everyone else, mentally strong people’s goals change. When the cost of working toward something starts to outweigh the benefit, mentally strong people give up and move on. They’re strong enough to do that.

They don’t waste time working to solve a problem that doesn’t have a solution. And they aren’t so prideful that they feel they have to keep going, no matter the cost. That’s because they’re mentally strong—not just acting tough…

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