Overwhelmed? Try these 3 suggestions for simplifying your life!

Overwhelmed? Try these 3 suggestions for simplifying your life!

There's no doubt life can seem a bit overwhelming at times. 

And there's no doubt that feeling overwhelmed is not conducive to happiness. 

But the good news is we can address these feelings of being overwhelmed by, among other things…simplifying our lives! 

So check out this article below and the 3 simple tips that could bring you more hapiness: 

via Huffington Post by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

Many of us are looking for better balance and happiness in our lives, but we’re missing one essential truth: We don’t need to search outward for anything — the balance we seek is already within us.

In 1996, I began research on my first book about balance. One afternoon, as I was watching my young nieces playing, I noticed how they were happy, creative, and flowing effortlessly through all their activities. They weren’t filled with doubts and complaints — like so many of us adults — they were tuned into their natural state of happiness.

At that moment, the biggest truth was revealed to me: Like happiness, balance is also a natural state. And returning to this natural state meant removing the blockages within us, many of them created by our own thoughts and behaviors as we age.

Now I help guide people to reconnect with their own natural balance — that inner happiness — by reminding them of one simple factor: the power of their choices. Through my writing and coaching, I empower my clients to harness the power of their awareness; align themselves to what they really want; and activate this understanding by choosing what to include in their daily lives.

Part of this process is to simplify three areas that influence their perception of balance: choices, relationships, and perspective.

Simplify Your Choices

• Pay attention. Optimize your power of choice by paying careful attention to the results of your choices. Make your decisions and take note of the outcomes. Learn from yourself. If the results don’t please you, choose again. And if you’re still not pleased, be willing to try something new.

• Give yourself options. Keep it simple by simplifying your options. For example, I let myself choose from three different health-related activities each day: walk, the gym, or nap. I need to choose one activity, but I don’t have rules about which activity or how often I can choose it. I give myself the three options and allow my inner nudge to point me to whatever feels good that day — no judgments.

• Give your health a hand. Keep a supply of healthy food choices stocked in your cupboard, refrigerator, and within arm’s reach at work. Avoid running low on nutritious snacks or you might be tempted to binge on something your body doesn’t need. Save the treats for special occasions…

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