If you ever feel like life’s a bit overwhelming…then here are 6 tips to help!

If you ever feel like life’s a bit overwhelming…then here are 6 tips to help!

via Fulfillment Daily by Alice Boyes

The Challenge: Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and unmanageable.

The Science: We can overcome these thoughts with self-care and self-awareness.

The Solution: Try these 6 tips to give yourself some leeway and breathe!

Here are six tips to help you feel better when you feel overwhelmed by stress and exhausted by life.

1. Avoid the “Belief in a Just World” Trap.

“Belief in a just world” is a type of cognitive bias that has been studied by social psychologists. For example, people often hold an attitude that if others are poor, they must deserve to be poor.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “If I’m struggling, I must deserve to be struggling. I must be struggling because I’m useless.”

The playing field of life isn’t level. A lot of smart, talented people are dealing with very tough situations. For example, large medication bills and no insurance. All of us have made some poor decisions in life. Sometimes there are few consequence, and other times people spend their whole lives recovering from the consequences of earlier decisions.

2. Remind Yourself You’re Doing the Best You Can.

Dr Fran Vertue offers the fantastic advice:

“Remind yourself that you’re doing what you can right now given the circumstances and your resources. Practice flexibility so that you can take advantage of opportunities for change.”

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