You might like to try these 3 “counterintuitive” strategies for happiness!

You might like to try these 3 “counterintuitive” strategies for happiness!

Sometimes, happiness requires doing something different! 

And in this Huffington Post article by Connor Kozlov, 3 counterintuitive concepts are described for your consideration…

These days it seems every product or service is aimed at helping people become happier. Whether it is a new yoga class, a new and improved type of food, or entertainment of some kind, the end goal businesses target in their marketing is happiness.

Yet, if you have done any spiritual work at all, you will probably recognize that happiness is something that should be derived from within. A feeling of happiness and contentment comes from your internal creation of those feelings rather than the external dopamine-fueled happiness that many experience and seek.

There are things that you can do within your own space so that you can create more happiness for yourself rather than relying on other things and people. Sometimes these concepts are counterintuitive, which is why we have outlined a list of 3 options you can use in combination or individually in order to create more happiness in your life.

Just note, these are practices and theories that you can act on to create happiness in your own life no matter the external events going on around you.

Concepts for Happiness

Be comfortable alone – One of the biggest problems that people face is being uncomfortable by themselves. Their mind starts to wander, they get nervous about things going on in their life, and it seems the discomfort of being alone is due to the voices going on inside their own head.

During the Vietnam war thousands of troops became addicted to heroin because they were in an uncomfortable, dangerous, and isolated position. Once they returned home and had friends to connect with, they stopped using drugs and the problem went away. While Johann Hari’s work exemplifies how connectedness can be beneficial, it also shows how reliance on others can create bad habits.

If you want to be truly happy, it requires that you become comfortable in your own head and (hopefully) you can remove these thoughts after certain practices. One you can try is meditation, which doesn’t have to be a huge commitment.

Just try to sit still and focus on your breath in and out for 5 minutes. Do this throughout the day 3-5 times and then see if you can extend the length each time to a bit longer…

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